Coconut Ketones – Nature’s Key to Conquering Alzheimer’s

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You look into the most familiar face, the one you’ve seen thousands of times before – probably the very first face that you ever gazed up at – only to be met by an empty, glazed stare.  The very person who brought you into this world no longer knows you.  For all intents and purposes, she’s gone.  

There in front of you, physically, but no longer ‘there’, which adds to your frustration and sorrow.  No trace of the very things that made your mum – your mum.  This is the devastating effect of Alzheimer’s, this terrifying disease that we’ve all heard of, and pray won’t take away our loved ones.  Because that’s effectively what it does…

Alzheimer’s – Robbing Us of Loved Ones…

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Destroying the brain and leading to memory loss, disorientation, confusion, agitation, erratic behaviour and loss of bodily functions, Alzheimer’s eventually takes away someone’s ability to think, reason, speak, eat and walk, leaving almost nothing of the person you once knew. Surfacing mostly in people aged over 60 (but occasionally in those in their 40s and 50s), Alzheimer’s is a disease made even more frightening by the fact that there is no cure. Doctors cannot prevent it – and are not sure exactly what causes it, forcing people to look to the alternative – and the unlikely – in a desperate bid to find a treatment!

Nature – Restoring Hope…

In this frantic search, it would seem that Nature itself has turned up one ingredient that is restoring hope, and may well prove to be the ultimate weapon in the fight against Alzheimer’s. If you google ‘Alzheimer’s and Coconut Oil’ you will be overwhelmed with articles giving credence to the theory that COCONUT OIL can prevent and even REVERESE Alzheimer’s – enhancing brain function, memory, awareness and moods! More poignantly, you will also be moved by numerous highly emotive testimonials from those who swear by Coconut Oil as the natural miracle that allowed them to reclaim and enjoy glimmers of a family member – previously thought lost to Alzheimer’s! How inspiring!

Below are just two of numerous press articles that make interesting reading – to say the least!

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CBN News:

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So how can it be possible to combat the effects of Alzheimer’s – WITHOUT drugs, surgery, radiation, or any other extreme medical measures? 5 tablespoons of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (simply an oil derived from the tropical fruit of the coconut tree) ingested daily with meals may not seem all that scientific, as treatments go (3 tablespoons for prevention). But whilst the exact science of how it works is still not fully understood – no comprehensive clinical study yet carried out – there IS science to support it actually WORKING…

Ketones & Key Facts!

    The science surrounds Ketones – the high energy brain food produced when stored fat is broken down…

  • The brain’s INABILITY to successfully utilise blood sugar for energy is the fundamental problem associated with Alzheimer’s, effectively starving brain cells and causing rapid brain degeneration and dementia.

  • KETONES FEED and benefit the brain cells of those with Alzheimer’s in a way that sugars produced from carbohydrates are not able to, helping the brain operate at a much higher function, temporarily restoring some previous health.

  • BUT only when the body is STARVED of carbohydrates that it converts into sugar for energy, are these Ketones produced (as it then resorts to breaking down the stored fat cells – which produces Ketones).

  • FASTING or replacing almost all carbohydrates with fat and protein (according to the ketogenic diet) are hardly realistic options!

  • FORTUNATELY, certain fats (medium chain triglycerides) are converted into Ketones in the body REGARDLESS of carbohydrate and sugar levels!

  • In clinical studies, the addition of MCTs into the diet of those with Alzheimer’s produced better results than ANY other treatment currently known!

  • Such was their success that the FDA recently approved a new drug consisting exclusively of MCTs for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease!

  • The source of the MCTs used in the studies – and easily the largest NATURAL dietary source – is COCONUT OIL, composed of 63% MCTs!

  • So now a safe and EFFECTIVE treatment for Alzheimer’s is COCONUT KETONES (produced from the MCTs in Coconut Oil)!

  • Coconut Oil also contains ANTIOXIDANTS that soak up free-radicals that can wreak havoc in our cells, and cause further deterioration of brain cells with diseases like Alzheimer’s.

  • Rather than simply adding Coconut Oil to your diet, use it to REPLACE less healthy fats (it is still high in calories and saturated fats, and you want to avoid weight gain and unhealthy cholesterol levels).

  • A low carb diet rich in healthy fats is actually the most beneficial for brain health.

Coconut Oil – Offering Optimism…

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Whilst we may just be at the beginning of an exciting learning curve, it does seem that Coconut Oil; a humble, natural ingredient also used in skincare, hair care and cooking COULD hold the answer to Alzheimer’s. Consider the gravity of such a possibility, even if it is only that – a ‘possibility’. Surely anything that could prevent and reverse such a terrifying disease, potentially restoring a loved one back to their old self – even temporarily – would be worth a shot! And when you think about it, just how unlikely is it that the cure lies in Mother Earth – when you consider that we human beings are also, in fact, ‘of the earth’?

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