Coconut Oil – Great Nourishment For The Brain


When you really think about it and even as you read this, one thing is enabling you to take all of this in. Your Brain, is something we take for granted without realising it, with each passing moment of our lives. As with any other part of our body living a good lifestyle with a healthy diet and plenty of exercise and rest in between, can help it function well. Of all the supplements on the market you just won’t find another better than coconut oil for giving nourishment to your most vital organ. For without it, nothing else matters.

Food For Thought?

When fuel to the brain is interrupted, brain cells begin to die. This is one of the reasons in the short-term we get headaches, confusion & tiredness. If this happens over the longer-term and fuel doesn’t get into the brain cells then we are exposed to threatening neurodegenerative diseases. Recent research has shown coconut oil can supply the brain with a superb source of energy stopping unwanted short-term symptoms. Our own excellent organic cold pressed virgin oil can do the trick. But as with many other supplements talk to your doctor about it first. Be honest? You wouldn’t run your car without putting oil in it, and of course the engine would eventually seize if you did. The same thing applies to the body, and without the brain our body couldn’t function properly. Coconut oil can lubricate our whole body and keep our brains performing well right into old age.

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Studies show coconut oil taken regularly improves cognitive function, and stalls or even reverses neuron generative diseases in their early stages.

Did you know? Our brain tissue is very rich in complex forms of fats.

An experiment in 1978 in which pregnant mice were given diets containing either coconut oil or unsaturated oil revealed to the world brain development was superior in the young mice whose mothers ate coconut oil.

What Is The Best Way To Take Coconut Oil?

Coconut oil can be consumed through either food or drink. You can ingest it straight on a teaspoon, apply it to the skin or eat coconut meat or flakes. You can also drink coconut water and coconut milk. People suffering from any neurological diseases and diabetes should take take 8-10 tablespoons of coconut oil daily.


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I used to suffer from headaches on a regular basis and just put it down to stress and a hectic lifestyle. But painkillers weren’t doing me much good anyway.

A friend told me about coconut oil so I began to take it every day. I haven’t suffered from a headache for weeks – it’s truly magical.

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Julie – Sacramento

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I read a fascinating article about how coconut oil can help us with many things but was particularly interested in how it can help the brain. I’ve had what they call the fog quite a few times and it can be confusing and tiring.

I began consuming coconut oil and within a short while I just started to feel really good and full of energy. More importantly I felt sharp and fully alert most of the time. No more suffering from brain fog.

I had to make some lifestyle changes, but the oil has certainly made a big impact on my life. Nature is wonderful thing.

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Peter – Los Angeles

You may not have equated Alzheimer’s patients suffering from a kind of diabetes of the brain. But there is something medical experts have been throwing around for quite some time. The brain needs constant feeding as a very hungry organ. In Alzheimer’s something prevents the brain from utilizing glucose properly. But research shows the brain can utilize MCT or the ketones produced as MCT as an alternative energy source.

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Thinking Ahead

The truth is we don’t pay nearly enough attention to our own brain health, perhaps unwittingly taking it for granted. This is perfectly understandable given our fast moving modern world. Never before has a good diet and lifestyle become so important. But we also need the help of nature’s gifts from time to time. Coconut oil is certainly one of them, and it can help keep our brains in tip top condition. Our own organic cold pressed virgin oil can help you find the perfect balance.

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