Coconut Oil – Nature’s Bounty of Benefits!

pure virgin coconut oil

By now you will probably have heard something of the hype surrounding Coconut Oil – and its bountiful benefits…But how much do you REALLY know about this natural phenomenon – other than the fact it is an oil derived from the flesh of the coconut? Why not TEST YOURSELF by having a look at the 6 facts below and deciding which you think are TRUE and which are likely to be FALSE…

Facts – True or False?

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  1. Coconut Oil’s plentiful properties make it SUPERB for our SKIN, and it is even used to treat our beloved pets, having been known to cure dogs and cats of debilitating skin rashes – within just days of being applied to their skin!

  2. Coconut Oil is considered the ultimate natural HAIR CONDITIONER, having been used to treat the tresses of those living in the tropics for thousands of years!

  3. Despite containing saturated fat, Coconut Oil can help you LOSE WEIGHT, with scores of people recounting how it helped them cut kilos, paying tribute to its amazing fat-burning ability!

  4. Contributing to organ and heart health, Coconut Oil helps PREVENT HEART DISEASE – and is even known to reduce epileptic seizures!

  5. Coconut Oil’s countless HEALING PROPERTIES mean that it constitutes a traditional medicine, used extensively in Asia and among the Pacific populations – where Islanders consider it to be the CURE FOR ALL ILLNESS!

  6. Taking Coconut Oil every day will make you more intelligent, increasing your IQ by around 40%!


  1. TRUE – Coconut Oil actually provides an all-in-one SINGLE SOLUTION for SKIN PROBLEMS! (And can therefore help our furry friends as well!) It hydrates and nourishes – sealing in moisture – softens, and soothes sensitive skin. Its antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties combat an array of conditions including eczema and acne. AND the antioxidants help prevent wrinkles, by fighting the free radicals that cause premature aging!

  2. TRUE – A DEEP CONDITIONING TREATMENT courtesy of Coconut Oil WILL nourish, repair, strengthen and protect hair, boosting volume and shine, leaving it moisturised, silky-smooth and dandruff-free! Coconut Oil is actually absorbed by hair shafts – adding body, protection, and increasing moisture and protein retention. Antibacterial properties help keep dandruff at bay!

  3. TRUE – Coconut Oil is a FAT-BURNIGN FAT that CAN contribute to weight loss! Unlike nearly all other saturated fats, it is a MEDIUM CHAIN FATTY ACID – this shorter molecular length meaning that it is not stored in fat tissue, but quickly broken down and used for energy. Boosting energy, burning fat, and suppressing appetite, Coconut Oil also improves thyroid function – increasing metabolism!

  4. TRUE – protecting arteries against injury that causes atherosclerosis, and improving cholesterol ratio, Coconut Oil DOES REDUCE risk of HEART DISEASE! It also supports our organs in numerous ways; helping protect against liver and kidney disease and bladder infections – to name just a few! (And yes, Coconut Oil CAN even help reduce epileptic seizures!)

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  6. TRUE – Coconut Oil’s abundant applications include MEDICINE, though it is only in more recent times that medical science has unlocked the secrets that Pacific Islanders have known for centuries! Coconut Oil supports our immune system, helps protect the body from various cancers, and supports tissue healing and repair. Its myriad of properties helping to keep viruses, infection / disease-causing bacteria, and fungi and yeasts at bay!

  7. FALSE – of course Coconut Oil will NOT make you 40% more INTELLIGENT! BUT what may still astound you is that science and endless personal stories suggest that it CAN PREVENT and REVERSE ALZHEIMER’S! Coconut KETONES (high energy brain fuel) feed the brain cells of Alzheimer’s sufferers in a way that sugars produced from carbohydrates can’t. So Coconut Oil may yet provide the answer to this devastating disease!

Coconut Oil – Infinite Functions, Immeasurable Worth!

Once considered an ‘unhealthy’ saturated oil, Virgin Coconut Oil now, rightfully, enjoys a well earned reputation as one of the most versatile and valuable pure and organic ingredients that nature has to offer! Giving us soft skin and lustrous locks, and helping us stay trim and healthy – its healing power treating countless conditions – Coconut Oil just HAS to be one of nature’s greatest inventions! In fact, so highly valued by Pacific Islanders is the coconut palm, that it is called the ‘Tree of Life’ – a tropical bounty of benefits with almost limitless value!

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