Coconut Oil – Nature’s Treat for Your Tresses

girl showing her half frizzy and half straight hair

Fed up with flyaway frizz? Dry, damaged, lifeless hair getting you down? Well you are by no means alone – millions of us are cursed with lank, lack-lustre locks, or even the most uncontrollable curls! But before you go reaching for those pricey chemical products that laden the shop shelves, stop for a moment and ask yourself if you’ve ever considered the benefits of what nature has to offer?

With everyone raving about the wonders of natural products, surely there must be something in it, n’est pas? For instance, would it surprise you to learn that there is a single ingredient straight out of nature’s garden (well, one particular tree from nature’s garden to be precise) that achieves ALL of the following:


Well it’s TRUE, and that natural miracle referred to here is COCONUT OIL! Derived from the fruit of the coconut tree, this is one tropical treat is not only tasty, but has actually been used to condition hair for thousands of years, effecting all of the above!

If you want to share in the secret of those living in the tropics (and enjoying luxuriously glossy locks, courtesy of the coconut) then here’s how you can restore your hair health with a much needed DEEP CONDITIONING TREATMENT:

pure coconut oil with fresh coconuts
  1. First you will need to source a good supply of Coconut Oil (Pure Unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil is best – and also less expensive than commercial products!)
  2. Pick a time when you have a couple of hours to yourself – maybe one evening or Sunday afternoon when you plan to lounge on the sofa in front of a good movie.
  3. As Coconut Oil can be semisolid at room temperature, you may need to warm it before using it on your hair, as it will need to be in liquid form!
  4. Massage the Coconut Oil into damp hair (if your roots tend to get greasy easily, then you can avoid the scalp).
  5. Wrap your hair in a towel and get yourself comfy while the Coconut Oil gets busy for about 2 hours – or more if you like.
  6. Then simply rinse hair and dry/leave to dry as usual.
  7. For optimum hair healing and reducing of split ends, carry out this ‘therapy session’ about once a week (if your schedule allows), and enjoy the benefits that come with genuinely healthy and dandruff-free hair.

To further improve the condition of your hair and achieve maximum results from your Coconut Oil treatments, here are a few TIPS:

  • If (like so many of us), you are all too handy with the straighteners, then you’d do well to ditch these! They may make your hair look sleek and shiny, but they’re actually adding to your problem in the long-run – effectively damaging it!
  • Same goes for over brushing – this causes breakages and split ends (several times per day is acceptable, every 5 minutes is not!)
  • Avoid dying your hair if you can.
  • And try and avoid using a hairdryer each time you wash your hair, leaving it to dry naturally on occasion, if possible.
  • Coconut Oil Cares…

    Coconut Oil doesn’t just soften and add shine, making hair LOOK healthier (as is the case with many commercial products), Coconut Oil actually CARES for your hair, benefiting it at a deeper level, and genuinely restoring hair and scalp health.

    girl with beautiful straight hair

    Here’s How:

    • Hair shafts ABSORB the Coconut Oil, which PROTECTS and adds BODY, making hair THICKER!
    • Coconut Oil helps hair retain more MOISTURE and PROTEINS, meaning STRONGER, SILKIER, SHINIER hair!
    • The ANTIBACTERIAL properties of Coconut Oil increase scalp protection against itchy and weakening infections, helping hair stay HEALTHY and DANDRUFF-FREE!
    • The MOISTURISING effect prevents build-up of dry skin on the scalp (another cause of dandruff).
    • VITAMINS found in Coconut Oil (E and K) NOURISH and add LUSTRE, boosting hair and scalp health.

    Don’t Despair – Try the Ultimate Ingredient in Hair Care!

    No one wants dull damaged hair, or coarse unruly curls – we all dream of healthy, nourished, silky-soft locks that hang heavy! But next time you’re tempted by the allure of a pricey hair care product – with its promises a plenty – ask yourself why nature’s Virgin Coconut Oil is actually a main ingredient found in many such products!

    Why not miss the middleman out and discover an effective and totally natural conditioner – perfect for all hair types – for yourself!

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