Coconut Oil: The Fat-Burning Fat!

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OK so you’ve decided to drop a dress size – well done on that all-important first step! Now you’re faced with the challenge of exactly HOW you go about cutting those extra kilos. With so many weird and wonderful diets, exercises and weight loss supplements being thrown our way, it can be hard to differentiate the credible from the INcredible!

So when the latest thing you hear is that you should eat Coconut Oil – with its saturated FAT – to help you LOSE weight, you quickly deem that advice…downright ridiculous! And you would, in fact, be WRONG to do so…

But I Should Cut All Fat from My Diet to Lose Weight – Right?


First off let’s start by dispelling the myth that all fat is bad for you, and that you should simply cut it from your diet in order to lose weight. This method of dieting is not only outdated, but also highly misleading and potentially dangerous!

Yes generally speaking, eating too much fat IS bad for you, but there are different types of fat – some even essential for our physical health – and some that CAN actually help you lose weight! Coconut Oil is one such phenomenon, helping reduce your waistline AND feel full after meals – despite containing saturated fat!

But I Thought All Saturated Fats Were Bad for You!


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Whilst it’s true that ‘good’ fats tend to refer to monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, and ‘bad’ fats are considered to be saturated fats (and trans fats – the worst kind), it is simply not sufficient to leave it at that. For saturated fats are certainly NOT all the same!

Saturated fats from good natural sources such as milk, eggs and Coconut Oil actually form an essential part of a healthy diet, playing a vital role in cell structure, bone uptake of calcium, metabolism and thyroid function, as well as the immune, nervous and digestive systems!

So How is Coconut Oil Different from Other Saturated Fats?

There is a HUGE difference between Coconut Oil (a medium chain fatty acid) and most other saturated fats like lard, butter and vegetable oils (long chain fatty acids). Our body quickly breaks down and uses up medium chain fatty acids – burning them for energy like carbohydrates.

Medium chain fatty acids are not stored in fat tissue like long chain fatty acids either. So this shorter molecular length is what determines how the fat in Coconut Oil is metabolised differently.

So How Does Coconut Oil Help Me Lose Weight Exactly?

Coconut Oil works as a weight loss aid in a variety of ways…

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BOOSTS ENERGY – containing less calories than other oils, Coconut Oil is a fat that is not converted to carbohydrates or stored as fats – avoiding weight gain – its medium chain fatty acids able to enter and be directly used by cells for energy!

BURNS FAT – the medium chain fatty acids also help your body burn stored fat for energy by promoting fat oxidation, therefore helping you shed unwanted pounds!

INCREASES METABOLISM – by improving thyroid function, your body produces more thyroxin (the body’s accelerator), thereby boosting energy expenditure (even while resting) and promoting weight loss!

BURNS CALORIES TO GENERATE HEAT – Coconut Oil’s thermogenic property is one of the most beneficial in a weight loss aid, burning calories to keep you warm and active!

SUPPRESSES APPETITE – when taken before meals, Coconut Oil reduces your appetite during meals so you feel fuller sooner and eat less, promoting weight loss. It even helps stave away those hunger pangs after meals – reducing those calorific evening fridge gazes!

So HOW MUCH Coconut Oil should I take and WHEN?

The amount of Coconut Oil you should consume per day will depend on your body weight;

  • Over 34 kilos: 2 tablespoons
  • Over 45 kilos: 2 and a half tablespoons
  • Over 57 kilos: 3 tablespoons

Easily digested, Coconut Oil should be taken about half an hour before meals – simple and tasty! (Virgin Coconut Oil is the best, most beneficial form). But remember that as with any weight loss aid, Coconut Oil will only work as part of a healthy balanced diet – so don’t forget to incorporate some exercise into your routine!

So Coconut Oil actually can help me lose Weight?


Yes, Coconut Oil certainly can complement your weight loss regime! Scientific research confirms this, and you need only observe the tropical populations who enjoy Coconut Oil as part of their regular diet, to see the benefits – they tend to be slim not overweight! And the great thing is that it not only boosts metabolism and burns fat, but also helps you enjoy your meals, as you feel fuller and more satisfied! So you can eat and feel great – without gaining weight!

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