How Nutria Gets the Best from its Coconuts

nutria oil with fresh coconuts

There are hundreds of different coconut oil brands out there, all promising to do great things for your health. But the oil is often extracted in such a way which significantly reduces the quality of the product.

These products offer no explanation to their customers about how their coconut oil is produced, often meaning that it is extracted under unhygienic conditions and with the use of chemicals, making it damaging to the environment, and your health.

At Nutria, we don’t believe in secrets and do believe that consumers should understand exactly how our coconut oil is extracted, something we’re very proud of.

Cold Pressed vs. Refined

There are three main methods of extracting coconut oil from the meat, or copra: Expeller, centrifuge (referred to as refined pressing) and cold pressed. Before you buy any coconut oil, check the method used during processing, as this affects the overall quality and nutritional value of the product.

Nutria coconut oil is cold pressed, which is by far the most superior and eco-friendly method. Before we examine how cold pressing works and why it’s simply the best, let’s take a look at the refining process.

During the refining process, the temperature of the oil is raised, which has an effect on the fatty acids that are naturally present in coconut oil (coconut oil is 6% monounsaturated and 2% polyunsaturated fatty acid). Increasing the temperature of coconut oil changes its chemical structure. Raising the temperature turns good fatty acids into trans-fatty acids- which is seriously bad news for human beings.

Trans-fatty acids are found in processed meat and some dairy products. They increase the risk of coronary heart disease and raising the level of LDL cholesterol in the blood which can block arteries and cause heart attacks.

The Expeller Method

fresh coconut milk

This refining process literally screws the oil out of the nut using friction, heating the oil between 60-99 degrees C.

Water is also added to the oil, which raises the moisture content of the finished product- meaning it’s more likely to turn rancid. The expeller method is also inefficient, with only an average of 75% of the oil extracted each time. The harder the coconut, the more pressure and heat needed to get the oil out, further destroying the ‘good’ fatty acids.

The Centrifuge Method

During centrifuge, heating also takes place by mixing the oil with hot water and literally spinning the oil so that it separates into oil, water and solid. Again, the oil is heated to an average of 60 degrees, increasing the risk of trans-fatty acids. The water content is also high because it’s been mixed, meaning its shelf life is lower and is more likely to turn rancid and contain harmful bacteria.

Cold Pressing

At Nutria, we make sure that our oil never reaches above 45 degrees when it’s extracted. No water is added to the final product so what you see is what you get: pure, clean, natural coconut oil. The oil is extracted from the dried copra from fruits that are ripe and ready for harvest, meaning that it retains its optimum number nutrients and antioxidants that help flush the body of toxins and slow down the process of ageing.

Our Coconut Oil is Organic and USDA certified

USDA Certified Organic Logo

Our coconuts are grown in the Philippines, and Nutria prides itself in being part of a sustainable network of manufacture that boosts the economy, provides regular income for locals and is kind to the environment. Choosing organic products means that you are contributing to a safer, more sustainable environment, as well as benefiting your own health.

No pesticides or fertilizers go anywhere near our coconut trees or the fruits after they have been picked, so you won’t be getting anything other than pure coconut oil when you buy from Nutria. You can be confidant that Nutria is 100% organic because we have USDA certification, which also ensures that products coming in to the US from the Philippines also meet national organic standards.

USDA certification ensures that no chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides are used during the growing, harvesting, handling, and processing of Nutria’s coconuts. It also means that we are part of a wider initiative that supports the reduction of non-renewable fuel sources used in manufacture so that what we do has minimum impact on the environment.

Order your jar of Nutria cold pressed, organic coconut oil online today, and enjoy all of its natural health boosting benefits. Know that you are also doing something positive for the environment and local communities.


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