Our Methods

How We Make Our Coconut Oil

We’re glad you’ve taken an interest in how your coconut oil is actually made. Our methods are not very scientific, but that is their beauty. Our oil doesn’t undergo heat or chemical treatment of any kind. This is what we do:

Step 1:

The coconut is chopped down from the tree and gathered. First, the husk is removed leaving only the young, fresh coconut. The fresh coconut is then dried.

Step 2:

It is then transported to our factory in large 200KG bags. We then take small batches of the dried up coconut flakes and put them through a cold press.


Step 3:

The process of cold pressing involves no added heat. The only two outputs from the cold pressing are pure virgin coconut oil and dehydrated coconut flakes.

Please note we only press the flakes once and don’t press a second or third time, as the quality of the oil becomes less and less with too many presses.

The remaining, dehydrated flakes are given as cattle feed in the farm (recycled).

Step 4:

The pure virgin coconut oil then passed through a centrifuge process where any large lumps or pieces of coconut flakes slipped through. Those are discarded.



Step 5:

We then take the oil through a precision filtering process (3 times) to clear it of any impurities.

This process gives us completely pure virgin coconut oil. We then bottle it from there and label [based upon your size choice] or load up into the drums.

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