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Nutria started with a simple goal in mind: to be your #1 source for high quality USDA organic, Non-GMO, Vegan, and gluten-free organic food products. Our team is driven by passion and will focus on providing the best and most informative customer service to you. At Nutria, we consider ourselves extreme “health enthusiasts” who treat health and food with a burning passion and excitement for producing superior quality GOLD standard products.
We personally guarantee the quality of all of our products. If for any reason you are ever dissatisfied or simply have questions, please feel free to contact us at any time. We are blessed to share this journey in serving you.
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Making the Most of the Coconut

Coconuts are a valuable fruit that has multiple uses. In tropical climates such as the Philippines and Sri Lanka, dried coconut is primarily used as food for livestock. Farmers extract the dried ‘meat’, otherwise known as copra, and sell it to farms. The price of copra is incredibly cheap and the market is aggressive, making farmers vulnerable to selling at below cost.

The coconut’s true value lies in its oil, but without the resources to extract this valuable part of the coconut and sell it overseas, many farmers are forced to throw it away because they do not have the technology to harvest its true market value. This keeps farmers and workers stuck in an endless cycle of subsistence living and poverty, with no chance to expand businesses or build better lives.

Sustainable Answers to Poverty

Filipino farming family
My family now eats plenty of vegetables that we raise ourselves. We even sell some vegetables to give us some income. The money we save goes to the education of our children.

The United Nations Development Program has been working with communities across 166 countries, including the Philippines, helping them maximize the earning potential for local farmers.

Farmers and food sellers in the remote region of Abra and Apayao have benefited from UNDP programs that have improved the wealth of the community and the health of its citizens. Betty is one of the 1200 farmers who took part in a recent UNDP scheme, and describes how her children and family now enjoy economic independence and a healthy diet.

Programs help connect local farmers to those who wish to source coconut oil and sell to western markets- like our Nutria buyers. They help locals expand knowledge of the industry, and improve the quality of resources so that communities can step out of poverty.

Dignity Products and Services is just one of the organizations that has helped change the lives of Filipino coconut farmers, ensuring that they receive a fair price and that their businesses have the opportunity to grow.

Instead, we’re paying farmers for the whole nut – creating a market for the entire coconut.
– Stephen Freed CEO Dignity Products and Services –
Nutria supports these rural improvement initiatives that help build better lives for coconut farmers and their families. We believe in making the most of the nut, selling the copra for animal feed as well as extracting the oil, so that nothing goes to waste and that local farmers can make a profit.

Our Coconut Oil is Kind to the Environment

coconut oil pure virgin

We’d also like to mention that our coconut oil is produced on organic farms, which means no fertilizers or pesticides go anywhere near our coconut trees or fruits. Nutria coconut oil is sourced from the natural abundance of coconuts that grows in the Philippines, picked by our 75 local workers.

We like to make the most of the skills available to us locally and of what nature has already provided, so that what we do has a minimal impact on the environment and supports the local economy.

Our oil is ‘virgin,’ which means that it has not undergone expensive processing and heating methods that cause pollution. We prefer to use the centrifuge technique, which separates coconut oil from coconut water naturally.

This also means that Nutria coconut oil retains as many nutrients, vitamins and enzymes as possible- so it’s good for your skin as well as being gentle on the environment.

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