Wholesale Nutria Coconut Oil

Wholesale Nutria Coconut Oil

Forklift-TruckWelcome to Nutria’s wholesale area. We provide the best coconut oil money can buy. It’s virgin organic (from the first cold press only – no recycling) and it’s just wonderful.

Virgin Organic Coconut oil is superior to plain coconut oil for the following reasons:

  • It is USDA Certified as Organic.
  • It has a lower melting point – melting below skin temperature making it suitable for skin ointments and skin care.
  • It can be used in hair – the lower melting point makes it far superior for hair use
  • If has the distinctive coconut smell making it much more attractive for use in cosmetics or for home cosmetic use
  • It tastes delicious. Processed coconut oils lose much of their distinctive taste.

If you are interested in Bulk Supplies of our oil, please note delivery of very large quantities will take 3-4 weeks depending on location. We can supply any size of USDA approved coconut oil from 16 oz jars to 200 liter drums. Please fill a request and we will respond within 24 hours.





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